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By placing an order for Products through Moda-ty , you are confirming that you intend to enter into a contract with us for the purchase of those Products. You place the order for your Products on the Website by clicking the ‘Confirm Order’ button at the end of the checkout process. During the checkout process, you will be asked to complete your payment details. All fields indicated as compulsory must be completed (which includes providing us with a valid phone number email address). We will then send you an email confirming receipt, the details of your order and the delivery costs which will be added to the purchase price (if applicable).

We reserve the right to change prices of the product from time to time, in the cases of applying promotions or offers on the Products, or if the Products are incorrectly priced. If the actual price of the Products is higher than the price of the Products at the time of ordering, we shall contact you for your instructions regarding the purchase prior to accepting the purchase from our side. 

Please note that neither completion of the online checkout process nor our confirmatory email constitutes our acceptance of your order. Our acceptance of your order will take place only upon receipt of full payment from you.  You can review the orders you have placed and their current status at any time by visiting our Website and clicking on “Log In” at the top of the page .If we cannot supply you with the Products you ordered for whatever reason, we will not process your order and will inform you of this. This may be due to the Products being out of stock or incorrectly priced. If you have already paid for the Products, we will provide you with a full refund on the card used to make the purchase as soon as reasonably possible. We shall not be held liable for any delays in the refund process due to bank procedures.


You have the right, within 14 days from the date of receiving  Product, to request a full refund on any non-faulty Product.

In all events, any gift or other such promotion received at the time of purchase should be returned along with the purchased Product to receive an exchange or refund.

Returned Products must be in their original and re-sellable condition, with all tags attached, any packaging intact and accompanied by a valid receipt.

For hygiene and safety reasons, swimwear, underwear, lingerie and earrings cannot be exchanged or refunded unless there is a clear manufacturing defect or were supplied incorrectly.

Any taxes applicable to the Products shall be borne by you and us, as the case may be.

Promotional offers

From time to time, we may make available promotional offers on the Website and in such cases specific terms and conditions will apply.   Such offers may be time-limited and orders may not qualify if they have not been fully processed by you within the stated time period.   Offers may not be combined with other promotions, offers and voucher codes unless otherwise specifically stated.   We reserve the right to amend or terminate a promotion at any time without notice.


Terms and Conditions  for Vendors 

  1. Definitions: For the purpose of this Agreement, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning assigned to them under this Article.
    1. “Company” shall mean ___________.
    2. “Customer” shall mean any individual, group of individuals, firm, company or any other entity placing an order for the Products of the Vendor through the Online Store.
    3. “Price” shall mean the cost at which the Products are to be delivered to the Customer inclusive of Shipping charges, if any.
    4. “Effective Date” shall mean the date on which this Agreement is executed.
    5. “Form” shall mean Form for Ecommerce Service Agreement to be filled in and executed by the Vendor at the time of execution of this Agreement annexed hereto as Annexure “A”.
    6. “Vendor” shall mean the entity incorporated or otherwise more specifically described hereinabove, which sells its products through the Online Store and more particularly described in the attached “Form”.
    7. “Online Store” shall mean a virtual electronic store created on the MODA-TY Shopping online portal for sale of the Vendor’s Products either through web site of the Company or any other gadget or instrument displaying the particulars of the Vendor’s Products available for sale , or any other means by which the Customer places an
    8. order for the Product of the Vendor. “Order” shall mean an order for purchase of products wherein customer has agreed to purchase the product upon the terms and conditions and at the Price indicated on the online store of the Vendor.
    9. “Products” shall mean merchandise items of the Vendor put up for sale on the Online Store by the Vendor.
    10. “Price” means the sale price of a product inclusive of delivery charges and applicable taxes.
    11. “MODA-TY Shopping” means an online platform owned and operated by the Company that facilitates the shopping transaction between the Vendor and the Customer.
    12. “Shipping Charges” shall mean the logistics/courier/postal charges including all taxes incurred for delivering the product(s) to the Customer.
    13. “Shipment Cost” shall mean the cost and taxes recovered by the Company from the Vendor per order for handling the logistics.
    14. “Sign-up Fees” shall mean the non-refundable fees payable by the Vendor at the time of execution of this Agreement towards the initial creation of online store.
    15. “Service charge” shall mean the margin per transaction charged by the Company to the Vendor at the rates agreed to between the parties, upon the sale of product on online store.
  2. Arrangement:
    1. The Company shall offer to the Vendor its services for facilitating online sale of the Vendor’s product which shall include hosting and technology, customer support, logistics services (if availed by the Vendor), payment services and all the other related services to ensure customer satisfaction on behalf of the
    2. Vendor. For this arrangement, the Vendor shall pay service charges as specified under these presents, to the Company for the sale being effected through the Online Store created on the MODA-TY Shopping website of the Company.
    3. Based on mutual discussions, it is agreed by and between the parties hereto that the Vendor shall put up for sale its Products on the said Online Store, subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter contained. Vendor further agrees and acknowledges that the shopping transaction shall be governed by the “Terms of Use” of MODA-TY shopping (incorporated in this agreement by way of reference and forms part of this Agreement) along with this Agreement.
    4. The Vendor is Held legally responsible for all trademarks and brands sold under his store, and MODA-TY will not be held responsible for any trademark or brand violations committed.

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